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Two Dead in Shooting Over Peeping Tom Dispute

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A dispute over alleged peeping led to a fatal shooting in Rhode Island, which claimed two lives and injured a teenager. 

The gunman, identified as James Harrison, 52, died in a police pursuit and standoff.

Authorities have yet to formally identify the victims, but sources indicate Harrison’s mother and an adult neighbor were the deceased individuals. A 15-year-old girl, with undisclosed ties to the individuals involved, suffered injuries but is expected to recover.

According to local reports, Harrison had been caught spying on a neighbor prior to the shooting. Police responded to his residence after midnight on Tuesday, but Harrison did not answer the door. A neighbor reported hearing a loud noise at around 7:30 am on Wednesday and saw Harrison leaving his house just before emergency services arrived.

Johnston Police Chief Mark Vieira confirmed receiving two 911 calls reporting gunfire. Police subsequently circulated a lookout notice for Harrison. His vehicle was located at a cemetery by an off-duty officer, triggering a police pursuit.

Cranston Police Chief Michael Winquist said that Harrison drove recklessly towards the approaching officers, nearly colliding with their vehicles. His dangerous driving continued along Plainfield Pike, resulting in a collision with a police cruiser and a rock. Harrison then confronted the officers with a firearm, forcing them to respond with lethal force. No officers were harmed in the encounter.

Harrison emerged from the car and pointed a firearm at the officers, prompting them to respond with fatal gunfire.

Fortunately, none of the officers were injured during the confrontation.

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