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Shocking Video Shows Fisherman Attacked By Shark

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A fisherman was attacked by a shark and dragged off his boat in Everglades National Park, Florida, as captured in a video that has since gone viral. 

The footage depicted the man leaning near the water when a bull shark suddenly leaped up, and pulled him into the depths. He struggled to get back onboard as his terrified friends shouted in alarm. Blood stained the side of the boat as he finally managed to scramble back to safety.

Prompt response by park rangers led to the man being airlifted to a hospital by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue on Friday, June 23. 

An Instagram post shared by a fishing guide named Michael Russo, who was on the boat during the harrowing attack, provided more details about the incident. 

Russo described the day as one of the most terrifying experiences he had ever encountered on the water. He explained that after successfully releasing a snook, his friend Nick washed his hands in the water, only to be bitten by a large lemon shark unexpectedly. Russo emphasized that there was no chum or blood present, making the shark’s aggression seemingly unprovoked.

The video clearly shows Nick dropping a fish back into the water before dipping his hands in once more. As he leaned down for the second time, a sizable gray shark lunged out of the water, grabbing at his hand and causing it to strike the side of the boat as he was dragged in.

The extent of Nick’s injuries remains undisclosed. However, Russo shared that he was airlifted to Jackson South Medical Center, where he is receiving care.

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