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Pilot Has Cardiac Arrest in Bathroom During Flight

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A commercial flight from Miami to Santiago, Chile was forced to make an emergency landing in Panama after the pilot suffered a medical emergency.

On August 13, while piloting a LATAM Airlines flight, 56-year-old Iván Andaur reported feeling unwell and subsequently collapsed in the bathroom due to a cardiac arrest. 

The two co-pilots on board promptly diverted the plane to Tocumen International Airport in Panama City for an emergency landing. 

Three medical professionals, who happened to be passengers on the flight, attempted to aid Andaur, but were limited in their efforts by the insufficient medical supplies available on the aircraft. 

One of the nurses expressed disappointment at the airline for not being better prepared for such emergencies.

passenger shared that the plane’s co-pilot requested medical help over the intercom about 40 minutes into the flight, announcing that the flight would be making an abrupt landing due to the pilot’s illness. The passengers were later accommodated in Panama City hotels, and their journey continued August 15.

In a statement, LATAM Airlines asserted that all necessary protocols were followed during the incident to ensure the pilot’s well-being. 

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the medical personnel at the airport, Andaur did not survive.

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