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Worcester Student Passes Away Post “One Chip Challenge”

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A 14-year-old named Harris Wolobah met a tragic fate on Friday, September 1, mere hours after taking part in a viral social media trend known as the “One Chip Challenge.”

Harris, a pupil at Doherty Memorial High School in Worcester, Massachusetts, consumed a spicy Paqui chip. This led to stomach discomfort. Despite feeling better after his return home, he was later discovered unconscious just before heading to basketball tryouts.

The actual cause of Harris’s death is not yet determined, with additional inquiries in progress. 

Lois Wolobah, Harris’s mother, suspects the severe reaction from the spicy chip may have been a factor in her son’s untimely passing.

Paqui, the company that produces the chip, has provided advisories on their online platform. It underscores the potential health risks linked with the consumption of their spicy treat, making it clear it’s designed for adults. Known to be among the world’s hottest chips, this snack contains potent ingredients like Carolina Reaper and Naga Viper peppers.

Consuming highly spicy items could pose risks, particularly for those with certain medical conditions such as cardiac issues. Such foods can potentially initiate or aggravate existing health complications.

Expressing grief over the sad event, Worcester Schools Superintendent, Rachel Monarrez, commented on the tremendous loss of a promising student like Harris. His commitment and diligence in his pursuits were remembered by Douglas Hill, Harris’s basketball coach from St. Bernard’s church team.

Awaited are the results from the autopsy.

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