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10 Killed, 9 Injured in Deadly Shootout at Car Show

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At least ten people were killed, and nine others were injured when a gunfight broke out during a car show.

The tranquillity of the afternoon was shattered when chaos unfolded at an all-terrain car rally in San Vicente, a quiet seaside town on the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico. The horrific shooting incident took place on the concluding day of a thrilling two-day off-road car exhibition.

Terrifying scenes from the tragedy were captured by eyewitnesses and soon found their way onto social media platforms. The footage documented a lineup of off-road vehicles on a roadside, with the haunting echoes of gunfire and terrified cries. Local authorities reported that multiple gunmen emerged from two gray vans parked at a gas station and started spraying bullets at the gathering of car rally enthusiasts.

The alarm raised by the incident drew a swift response from a multitude of agencies including municipal and state police, Marines, Fire Department, and the Mexican Red Cross. More gut-wrenching footage from the incident showed people scattering in fear as the event site turned into a war zone, with several fallen victims apparent.

The assailants ended their rain of bullets abruptly and fled the scene.

Victims were dispatched to hospitals in the northern regions of Baja California, under the guardianship of the Mexican Red Cross. Information regarding the identities and nationalities of the victims has been withheld. However, the director of Agencia Fronteriza de Noticias linked the shooting incident to a continued feud between the CJNG cartel and the Sinaloa cartel, a claim reported by the Times of San Diego.

In the aftermath of the bloodshed, Attorney General Ricardo Ivan Carpio Sanchez began a special comprehensive investigation to uncover the circumstances and motivations behind the violent confrontation.

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