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12 Dead and 100s Injured in Soccer Match Stampede

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A Saturday quarterfinal soccer match turned into a tragedy as a stampede claimed the lives of at least 12 people and left numerous others injured. 

The Monumental Stadium in Cuscatlan, El Salvador witnessed a surge of soccer fans through one of its access gates, leading to a devastating incident that unfolded in mere moments. Officials speculated that overselling of tickets or fake tickets contributed to the large numbers of people at the stadium.

The National Civil Police promptly released a preliminary report via Twitter, confirming the death toll and the number of injured individuals. According to their statement, the match between Alianza and FAS clubs resulted in 12 fatalities. Several spectators, critically wounded amidst the chaos, were rushed to nearby hospitals for immediate medical attention.

Carlos Fuentes, the spokesperson for Rescue Commandos, confirmed the tragic news of the fatalities. Fuentes revealed that their dedicated first aid team tirelessly attended to over 500 people in the aftermath. Among them, more than 100 required hospitalization, with several individuals in critical condition, painting a picture of the immense toll the stampede had taken.

The match was abruptly halted merely 16 minutes into play when distressed fans in the stands managed to catch the attention of players on the field. Their frantic signals alerted officials to the unfolding crisis, prompting immediate action. As television networks broadcasted the chaos, the injured were swiftly evacuated through a tunnel onto the field.

Amidst the confusion and heartache, those who managed to escape the stampede rushed onto the field, their shirts transformed into improvised distress signals. They searched the grassy expanse, hoping to find signs of life amidst the motionless bodies scattered around.

As authorities arrived at the scene, National Civil Police Commissioner Mauricio Arriza Chicas announced a comprehensive criminal investigation, collaborating closely with the Attorney General’s Office to ascertain the factors that led to the devastating incident.

The Salvadoran Soccer Federation expressed profound sorrow, offering heartfelt condolences to the grieving families impacted by the tragedy. Their statement emphasized their unwavering support during this incredibly challenging time, as the soccer community united in mourning the profound loss suffered on that fateful day.

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