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Actor Jamie Foxx’s Update About Mysterious Hospitalization

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Friends of actor Jamie Foxx, and his daughter Corinne, have been speaking out to quell rumors online and in the media about his recent hospitalization and medical condition.

According to ENews on May 15, Garcelle Beauvais, Jamie Foxx’s friend and a co-star of the Jamie Foxx Show, has reported that the actor is doing well and recovering. 

TMZ reports that Foxx is receiving physical therapy in a rehab facility in Chicago. His daughters and other family are by his side.

Jamie Foxx himself recently broke his silence, expressing gratitude to his fans in an emotional message.

After a few weeks in the hospital due to a “medical complication,” the renowned Oscar-winning actor turned to Instagram to let his fans know he’s grateful for their support, writing, “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed.”

In his Instagram story, Foxx gave a shout out to Nick Cannon, who will fill in as host of the game show Beat Shazam during his absence. Jamie expressed his gratitude to Nick and promised fans he’d be back soon.

Foxx’s hospitalization took movie fans by surprise, and everyone’s been hoping for his swift recovery. While not much has been shared about his condition, fans eagerly await Foxx’s return to hosting duties.

Jamie’s daughter, Corinne, also chimed in on Instagram. She reposted her dad’s message on her story and sweetly added, “Thanks for the love!”

A few weeks ago, on April 12, Corinne revealed that her dad experienced a medical complication while filming the Netflix movie Back in Action, featuring Glenn Close and Cameron Diaz. Quick thinking and great care helped him on the path to recovery.

Fortunately, news came later that Jamie’s health was improving. Though still in the hospital under observation, he was awake and alert. Doctors continued to run tests, but he was in good hands. Meanwhile, production on the Netflix film resumed, with Jamie’s stunt and photo doubles stepping in during his recovery.

As Nick Cannon covers for Jamie as host of Beat Shazam, Kelly Osbourne will also join the show, taking over the DJ booth—a position previously held by Foxx’s daughter, Corinne.

A source recently informed People magazine that Foxx’s condition is stable and not life-threatening.

Jamie Foxx’s daughter made an announcement on Friday on Instagram, setting the record straight about his recent hospitalization. She said he has been out of the hospital for weeks already and is recuperating. She thanked everyone for their support and prayers and said there would be further updates. To add emphasis to her post, she said, “In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday!” 

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