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CIA Killed JFK Says Nephew Robert Kennedy Jr, a 2024 Presidental Hopeful

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According to a May 15 Fox News report, Robert Kennedy Jr., the nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy and son of the late Robert Kennedy, believes he can beat Joe Biden in the 2024 Democratic Party primary for the presidential nomination.

Kennedy Jr. claims that public polls show support for him, and he has attracted followers from both Independent and Republican voters.

Although previously not well-known as a political aspirant, Kennedy Jr. is now gaining attention and making headlines by addressing controversial topics that he has raised in the past.

In a conversation with John Catsimatidis on the “Cats Roundtable” radio program on WABC 770 AM, Kennedy, Jr. contended that there is ample evidence implicating the CIA in JFK’s assassination in 1963. He cited James Douglass’ book, “JFK and the Unspeakable,” as the most comprehensive compilation of evidence supporting his claims, and he believes that the CIA’s denial of any role in JFK’s murder amounts to a six-decade-long cover-up.

The Warren Commission Report, released to the public in September 1964, determined that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President Kennedy and found no proof of a conspiracy. This is not the first time Kennedy, Jr. has leveled accusations against the CIA. Last year, he alleged that the CIA was involved in the assassination, stating that Oswald was a “CIA asset.” He also referenced a segment from Tucker Carlson’s show in which the former Fox News host claimed that the CIA successfully orchestrated a coup d’état through JFK’s assassination, inflicting lasting harm to democracy.

In 2022, researchers reported uncovering evidence suggesting that Oswald was part of a CIA operation months before the fatal shooting. Jefferson Morley, a JFK assassination research expert associated with the Mary Ferrell Foundation, revealed that he and the foundation’s legal team had found documents indicating the CIA had more knowledge about Oswald than previously admitted.

Nonetheless, the CIA strongly denies any participation in the assassination, labeling the accusations “false.” The agency also pointed out that many of the records from the latest release, which occurred after Kennedy’s murder, are unrelated to the assassination or the subsequent inquiry.

In spite of these denials, public opinion polls indicate that the majority of Americans continue to doubt the commission’s finding that Oswald was the sole gunman acting alone.

A member of the renowned Kennedy family, 69-year-old Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is an environmental attorney, activist, and writer. He has concentrated on environmental advocacy, co-founding the Waterkeeper Alliance. Kennedy has also garnered attention for his contentious anti-vaccine views, voicing skepticism about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and raising questions about potential connections between vaccines and various health problems, such as autism, despite numerous scientific studies disproving these theories.

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