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Melania Offers Trump an Ultimatum

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Multiple sources claim that former First Lady Melania Trump capitalized on her husband’s numerous financial challenges for her financial gain. 

These claims propose that Melania, having kept a low profile for several months, re-emerged with the alleged intent of renegotiating her prenuptial agreement with Donald.

Insiders disclosed to RadarOnline that Melania identified an opportunity following a recent court ruling requiring Donald to pay $5 million to E. Jean Carroll for defamation and battery. Consequently, Melania reportedly threatened to renegotiate her allowance and secure a larger sum, along with discussing their son Barron Trump’s inheritance.  

In exchange for these concessions, she pledged to assist Trump in his struggling 2024 Presidential campaign. This would also prevent a potentially costly divorce for Trump.

An insider revealed that Melania presented her husband with a “take-it-or-leave-it” ultimatum. Her firm stance allowed no room for negotiation. Trump recognized that his chances of returning to the Oval Office hinged significantly on her involvement. Throughout the ex-president’s legal ordeal, Melania’s ostensibly quiet demeanor was a strategic move as she maneuvered behind the scenes to protect her financial interests.

Sources suggest that the highly publicized trial, which damaged the former president’s reputation and caused significant harm, convinced Melania that the terms of their 18-year-old agreement warranted a substantial value increase. Another insider noted that Melania had previously leveraged a similar situation to her advantage when she opted to stay away from the White House for nearly six months after Donald became president. Therefore, she saw no reason not to capitalize on the circumstances once again.

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