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New Jersey Teen Bit By Shark While Surfing

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A 15-year-old Pennsylvania teenager survived a shark attack while surfing in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, on May 21.

Maggie Drozdowski was surfing with her friend, Sarah O’Donnell, when she felt a tug on her leg. Initially, she believed it to be a crab, but soon realized that a shark had clamped onto her foot. Despite the shock, she managed to free her foot from the shark’s grip.

O’Donnell, witnessing Drozdowski’s struggle, initially thought her friend was drowning. However, Drozdowski quickly surfaced, screaming that something bit her. Within five seconds, the shark released its grip, and Drozdowski was able to return to shore.

Once on the beach, Drozdowski noticed a substantial piece of skin missing from the back of her leg. Despite not seeing the creature, Stone Harbor authorities confirmed that marine wildlife experts identified the injuries as consistent with a shark bite.

Stone Harbor Police Department and Fire and Rescue Squads were quick to respond, providing immediate medical assistance before transporting Drozdowski to a local hospital. The teen had deep lacerations on her foot and calf but none of the injuries were life-threatening.

“I thought I was gonna have to get my foot amputated,” Drozdowski said. “But it didn’t end up being that bad.”

Despite the ordeal, Drozdowski remains undeterred, intending to spend her summer on the beach and, eventually, return to the water. Stone Harbor officials will not restrict beach activities but encourage visitors to remain vigilant.

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