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Teen Strangled to Death by Man Who Lured Her Into His Home

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A man who enticed a teenage girl to his home with the offer of Disney cups will serve the next five decades in prison for her brutal murder. 

In a case that shocked the community, Arthur Jensen, a 53-year-old resident of Sheldon, Illinois, killed 17-year-old Adara Bunn in 2019. 

The 50-year sentence was delivered by Iroquois County Circuit Court Judge Michael Sabol on May 15, according to the Iroquois County State’s Attorney’s Office.

The murder occurred on August 5, 2019, when Bunn visited Jensen’s home, lured by the promise of buying Disney collectibles. Bunn had previously bought Pocahontas cups from Jensen during a garage sale. She returned to get more, unknowingly walking into a deadly trap.

Assistant State’s Attorney Michael Quinlan characterized the crime as one of the most atrocious murders he had ever encountered. Taking advantage of his wife’s absence, Jensen invited Bunn back to his house. 

The tragedy came to light when neighbors heard screams coming from Jensen’s residence and called 911. When officers arrived, Jensen stood at the door and chillingly confessed to strangling the young girl. The police discovered Bunn’s lifeless body inside the house and immediately arrested Jensen.

Investigations revealed that Bunn had first met Jensen at a neighborhood rummage sale the previous weekend. Exploiting her interest in Disney memorabilia, Jensen lured her back, thereby setting into motion her tragic death.

Bunn, affectionately known as Sissy, was a promising student about to enter her junior year with dreams of becoming a veterinarian.

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