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The King’s Secret Remarks at Coronation Cause Uproar

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King Charles III was seen expressing his frustration on camera while waiting for his coronation ceremony to begin. The video clip has gone viral, with people around the globe wondering what might have agitated the King and what he could have said to his wife, Camilla.

As the royal couple sat in their coach awaiting the signal to enter Westminster Abbey, Prince William and Kate, along with their children, arrived late to the historic event. This led them to join the procession behind King Charles, rather than preceding him into the Abbey.

Two independent lip readers, after watching the footage, concluded that Charles seemed to be airing his annoyance during the wait.

One lip reader suggested that Charles uttered, “I’m worried about time, I mean it’s been longer this time and, well… I mean look! I know.” Another lip reader suggested he said, “We can never be on time. Yes, I’m…this is a negative. There’s always something.”

Kensington Palace shared a behind-the-scenes video on Monday that depicted William, Kate, and their children rushing to a vehicle in order to make it to the coronation ceremony.

Ever since his mother’s passing last year, the King has attracted attention for his brief instances of anger, particularly two incidents caught on film. In one situation, he tersely instructed an aide to clear his desk, and in another, he grew irate over a malfunctioning pen as he signed crucial documents.

A further unscripted moment involving the King was recorded during the coronation concert. Hugh Bonneville, the host, started his speech by congratulating the new King and Queen, then proceeded to acknowledge Charles’ passion for the arts. He noted that Charles himself is a painter and mentioned the artist previously known as Prince, prompting Charles to chuckle before quickly frowning at the witty remark.

Ultimately, these incidents remind us that the King, like everyone else, is human.

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