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2 Dead, 12 Injured in Street Gathering Shooting

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A street party in Saginaw, Michigan, about 102 miles northwest of Detroit, turned into a scene of violence on June 25, leaving two people dead and a dozen injured.

A male teenager, aged 19, and a middle-aged woman, 51, were the unfortunate fatalities of the violent episode that took place shortly after 12 am on Sunday morning.

State police reports reveal that the event had been heavily advertised on social media platforms, thereby drawing an extensive crowd. Around 200 people were in attendance when law enforcement stepped in to dissolve the gathering. However, before complete control could be established, the scene descended into chaos.

Gunshots pierced the noisy gathering, sending the crowd into a frenzy as people hurriedly sought refuge. Amid the mayhem, three individuals were hit by cars and wounded. Investigations into the event have exposed that several weapons were fired during the incident, with evidence of five different weapons used.

The incident has not led to any arrests so far.

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