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Man Kills His Own Sister and Family in Head-On Car Crash

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Three people died and several others were injured in a car crash involving members of the same family.

The lethal accident happened on the afternoon of Saturday, June 17, in Freedom, New York, about 40 miles south of Buffalo. Driving a Dodge truck, 21-year-old Evan Klink swerved into the opposite traffic lane, causing a direct collision with his sister’s Ford hatchback. His sister, 24-year-old Dahlia Klink, was behind the wheel.

Two underage passengers in Dahlia’s car – her daughter, 6-year-old Molly Kibler, and 17-year-old Havanah Lopez – were declared dead at the crash site. Dahlia, unfortunately, did not survive her injuries and died on Sunday at the Erie County Medical Center.

Evan, who suffered minor injuries, was transported to the New York State Police Station in Warsaw for further questioning. Another passenger in the Dodge truck, 19-year-old Cameron Klink, was seriously injured and immediately airlifted to a hospital for treatment. 

Another one of Dahlia’s daughters, whose identity hasn’t been disclosed, also sustained severe injuries and is currently in the hospital.

As authorities try to piece together the incident, witnesses have noted that the Dodge truck suddenly veered into the oncoming lane. Questions about Evan’s speed at the time of the incident and whether the lane switch was intentional are still unanswered. The crash location is known to have a speed limit of 55 mph.

In their efforts to clarify the incident, the New York State Police, alongside the county District Attorney’s office, are working to obtain a subpoena for Evan’s blood sample. Family members’ social media posts indicate that all crash victims were related.

GoFundMe campaigns have been established to help cover the victims’ funeral expenses. 

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