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Death of Missing Ohio State University Student is a Mystery

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An Ohio State University graduate student, who had been missing since June 10, was found on July 12. 

Amina Alhaj-Omar, 25, was discovered dead in a remote quarry, near a BP gas station where she was last seen, according to officials and her grieving family. 

Columbus police revealed that the remains were discovered in an isolated section of the quarry in a body of water and gave some details surrounding the circumstances of her death. 

Her car was found abandoned in the area with some damage.

In a press conference, Sergeant Joe Albert said police viewed surveillance video from the nearby BP gas station. It showed the victim in the store at 4:30 a.m. She as then seen holding two kitchen knives before walking away at about 6 a.m.

Alhaj-Omar’s family expressed their profound sorrow in an obituary, stating that while they are devastated by their immeasurable loss, they are grateful for the privilege of having known and cherished her kind and radiant soul for a quarter of a century. 

After completing her undergraduate studies in criminology at Ohio State, Alhaj-Omar was pursuing advanced studies in social work at the time of her disappearance. According to the Columbus Dispatch, her relatives previously disclosed that law enforcement officials suspected she might have entered the quarry pond. During the investigation, her jacket, shoes, and cell phone were found on the property. 

The investigation into the mysterious circumstances of Alhaj-Omar’s death continues. 

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