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Fatal Incident at Quarry as Dump Truck Plunges Into Water

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In an incident at a rural quarry on September 12 in Crawford County, Indiana, a man lost his life when the dump truck he was operating slipped over the pit’s edge, plunging several hundred feet into the water below.

The truck, with the driver inside, tumbled into the water-filled abyss.

Responding to the distress call around 2 pm, rescue crews faced challenges due to the pit’s steep and unstable terrain. 

Employees from Mulzer Crushed Stone Inc. constructed a temporary road, enabling conservation officers to reach the water by boat.

Divers successfully located the driver’s body inside the overturned vehicle on Wednesday, September 13, submerged in water that ranged from 20 to 30 feet deep at the truck’s location. Using a remote operated vehicle (ROV) submersible sonar unit played a crucial role in confirming the vehicle’s whereabouts.

Indiana State Conservation Officer Jim Schreck emphasized the inherent instability of the quarry environment, pointing out the difficulties faced during such operations.

It was a collaborative effort to locate the driver. 

As of now, Mulzer Crushed Stone Inc. has not responded to requests for comment on this unfortunate incident.

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