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IRS Agent’s Life Cut Short in Phoenix Training Session

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On Thursday, August 17, an IRS special agent was fatally shot during a training drill held at the Federal Correctional Institution’s firing range in Phoenix, situated close to Pioneer Road and Interstate 17.

Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesperson, Aimee Arthur-Wastell, mentioned that several federal agencies were actively participating in the training exercises when the unfortunate incident transpired.

The FBI has revealed that the agent, identified as 47-year-old Patrick Bauer, was partaking in routine training. Following the shooting, Bauer received immediate attention from Phoenix police officers on the scene and was subsequently rushed to a nearby medical facility.

Arthur-Wastell made it clear that there were no additional injuries reported among the Federal Bureau of Prisons staff or those present at the firing range. 

Spearheading the investigation into this tragic event, the FBI is set to collaborate with the Phoenix police department. Once their investigation concludes, the results will be presented to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona.

Before his service as an IRS special agent, Bauer proudly served as a master sergeant in the Arizona Air National Guard. He leaves behind a grieving wife and four children.

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