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Montana Grizzly Bear Attack Leaves Man Critically Injured

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A 61-year-old Navy veteran is in critical but stable condition after a grizzly bear attack in the Custer Gallatin National Forest near Big Sky, Montana.

On Friday, September 8, Rudy Noorlander was aiding clients in tracing a deer they had hunted. They chanced upon a small bear, and Noorlander attempted to deter it with his rifle. Unfortunately, the rifle failed to function. This was followed by a sudden and aggressive charge from another bear,  10-foot grizzly. Caught off guard, Noorlander had to defend himself using his bare hands. The grizzly left him with significant wounds, including chest scratches, bites across his limbs, and a severely injured lower jaw.

His fellow hunters managed to scare off the bears and immediately called for aerial evacuation. Due to the looming threat of other bears, the first rescue helicopter had to wait for a second one for support. Despite his condition, Noorlander remained conscious during the two-hour wait.

Following an initial round of medical attention at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital in Montana, Noorlander was transferred to the University of Utah Hospital for further care. In response to the incident, parts of the Custer Gallatin National Forest were cordoned off to track the grizzly.

To support her father during this challenging time, Katelynn Noorlander launched a GoFundMe page, highlighting his strength and bravery. The Noorlander family remains hopeful for his full recovery.

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