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Uber Faces Lawsuit After Driver Killed in Carjacking

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A federal lawsuit has been filed by the family of a 38-year-old mother of four and Uber driver in Pennsylvania, who was fatally shot in the head on February 10, 2022. 

Christina Spicuzza’s family alleges that Uber’s negligence led to her tragic death. The lawsuit states that with basic safety precautions, such as barriers between the front and back seats, Spicuzza’s life might have been spared.

For many years, these safety measures have been utilized to shield hired drivers from potential assaults. The suit alleges that Uber neither offered this protection nor informed Spicuzza of its significance.

On the day of the incident, Calvin Crew, who was already a wanted felon, used Uber to book a ride with his girlfriend. According to the dashcam video obtained by law enforcement, Crew did not get off at the planned drop-off location. Instead, he is alleged to have pulled out a weapon, grabbed Spicuzza’s shoulder, and compelled her to keep driving.

Spicuzza, in fear for her safety, begged Crew, bringing up her four children. Her pleas, however, went unheeded as Crew took her phone and ordered her to comply with his demands. He subsequently dismantled the dash camera. Tragically, Spicuzza was found deceased two days afterward in a forested location.

Crew faces several charges, including criminal homicide, robbery, and tampering with evidence. As he waits for his trial, the lawsuit argues that Uber might have enacted preventive measures. These measures might have involved background checks for riders or permitting drivers to refuse questionable fares without repercussions.

Despite not issuing a statement about the ongoing case, Uber has reiterated its dedication to ensuring the safety of its drivers, highlighting various safety protocols and features rolled out over time.

The judicial proceedings are ongoing, with Crew’s pretrial motion hearing slated for September 18.

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