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Youngster Attacked by Alligator at Prohibited Beach

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Last week, a child was bitten by an alligator at Lincoln Beach in New Orleans, a location that has been off-limits to the public for almost 60 years.

The unfortunate incident unfolded on August 30, as the child was spending time with their family near the shoreline of Lake Pontchartrain.

As of Friday, September 1, it was revealed that the child had been admitted to the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans as a trauma patient.

Lincoln Beach, spanning a significant 15 acres as per city records, originated in the early 1900s as a recreational venue. However, it ceased operations in 1964.

Continuous neglect, amplified by the effects of various hurricanes over time, has degraded the beach’s facilities, rendering it unsafe.

Evidence suggests that individuals still venture into this closed territory. A historical underpass beneath a levee, which formerly granted access to Lincoln Beach, is now submerged and provides a habitat for various wildlife, including potentially dangerous alligators and snakes.

Reacting to the incident, city representatives circulated a cautionary statement on September 1. They emphasized the ongoing restoration efforts at the beach and clarified that a series of safety enhancements need to be in place before a potential reopening.

New Orleans officials strongly advise residents to refrain from accessing the Lincoln Beach area until it’s deemed safe.

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