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Afghanistan Earthquakes Claim Over 2,000 Lives

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On Saturday, October 7, western Afghanistan experienced a series of strong earthquakes, with the main tremor measuring a magnitude of 6.3. 

Search and rescue efforts have revealed that the death toll has surpassed 2,000, as mentioned by a spokesperson of the Taliban government. The Zenda Jan district in Herat province faced the brunt of this catastrophe. Entire villages, notably Mahal Wadakha, were laid to waste. These quakes led to numerous civilians trapped beneath the wreckage of their homes.

Initially, local authorities recorded 100 fatalities and 500 injured individuals. However, these numbers have since grown substantially. The United Nations has cautioned that the eventual death count may be higher still. Following the primary earthquake, aftershocks have been occurring, creating more destruction and complicating rescue efforts. Due to the aftershocks, a significant number of Herat inhabitants have left their residences, fearing more to come.

Abdul Wahid Rayan, representing the Ministry of Information and Culture, reported that a total of six villages have been obliterated. Data suggests roughly 465 residences were destroyed, while 135 others sustained partial damages.

Rescue missions are underway to extricate survivors from beneath the debris. Rescue crews are acting with great urgency. Assistance has been pouring in from international bodies. Among them, the World Health Organization has sent ambulances to tend to the casualties and determine medical requirements.

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