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Deadly Explosion Near Airport Injures 162 People

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The area surrounding Tashkent International Airport in Uzbekistan was shaken by a violent explosion on Thursday, September 28, resulting in one death and numerous injuries.

Local authority reports confirmed the death of a teenage boy, struck by a window frame dislodged by the force of the blast.

Furthermore, 162 individuals were injured in the incident. Twenty-four of these victims are currently hospitalized for injuries that are not deemed life-threatening, while the remaining 138 individuals have received medical attention for a wide range of injuries.

The force of the explosion kindled a fire and shattered the windows of nearby apartment complexes. Despite the explosion occurring near Tashkent’s airport, no significant flight disruptions have been reported.

Images and videos making rounds on various social media platforms depicted flames leaping high into the sky and a heavy column of smoke over a warehouse in the proximity of the airport.

Investigations are being conducted to determine the exact cause of the explosion. The emergency ministry has set up a specific on-site lab to scrutinize the incident further. Their immediate intervention helped curtail the spread of the fire.

The local authorities, alongside other pertinent agencies, are putting in efforts to ascertain the explosion’s details and ensure the safety and health of the residents of Tashkent.

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