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Matthew Perry’s Stepdad Speaks About His Untimely Death

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Breaking his silence, “Dateline host” Keith Morrison talked about the loss of his stepson, the “Friends” star Matthew Perry.

Perry, 54, was discovered lifeless in a jacuzzi at his residence in Pacific Palisades, California, and confirmed dead on October 28, 2023, following a presumed drowning.

Morrison, who has been married to Perry’s mother, Suzanne Langford Perry, since 1981, did not initially speak to the press about his stepson’s death.

On November 27, 2023, Morrison turned to X (Twitter) to make his first public statements about his stepson’s death, aligning his message with the charitable spirit of Giving Tuesday. He used this platform to shed light on the Matthew Perry Foundation, created a few days after Perry’s death to continue Perry’s work in aiding addiction recovery.

Perry’s own journey with addiction, which saw him invest substantial funds into rehabilitation programs, was a public affair, featuring prominently in his 2022 autobiography. His life and struggles were notably shared during “Friends,” especially during a crucial on-screen wedding scene.

Perry had once stated a preference for being remembered for his philanthropic work over his acting; a sentiment now echoed by the foundation’s outreach. 

The legacy Perry leaves behind is supported by his peers, including “Friends” co-star Jennifer Aniston and his family, through the foundation’s continuous efforts.

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