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Model and Daughter Found Savagely Murdered

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On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, a Russian model and her teenage daughter were found dead in the coastal town of Bodrum, Turkey. 

The bodies of the two, Irina Dvizova, 42, and her 15-year-old daughter Dayana were discovered on a hillside outside Bodrum, wrapped in sheets and tied with rope, bearing gunshot wounds. The discovery followed days of no contact with friends and relatives, leading to a search.

Family members had raised alarms after visiting Dvizova’s rented villa, where they found blood on the couch. Angelina, a neighbor, reported hearing gunshots from the house. 

David, Dvizova’s 20-year-old son, indicated that his mother and sister were in Istanbul to celebrate Dayana’s birthday shortly before their deaths. Dayana, a TikToker with aspirations of modeling, had excitedly shared their trip on social media.

The main suspect in the murders is Andrey Kuslevich, 45, of Lithuanian descent, Dvizova’s ex-husband and father of their five-year-old son Makar. He has a history of criminal activities, including escaping Russian custody after being detained for alleged diamond theft. David, his stepson, has described him as violent and abusive, suggesting the murders may have been an act of revenge, as Irina had prevented him from seeing Makar.

Turkish authorities are conducting a double murder investigation and have launched an international manhunt for Kuslevich. The police are also seeking to locate young Makar, believed to be with Kuslevich. The investigation is considering the possibility of a custody dispute over Makar as a motive. 

In June, Dvizova had sought a court order in Moscow to prevent Kuslevich from accessing their son. Kuslevich, who was once a security guard for a Ukrainian businessman, is wanted in Russia and is currently believed to be in Lithuania.

The ongoing investigation includes analyzing video surveillance footage, which allegedly shows Kuslevich shooting Dvizova and Dayana at their rented villa before disposing of their bodies. 

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