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“Dead” Woman Wakes Up Moments Before Cremation

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In Berhampur, India, a 52-year-old woman, who was believed to have succumbed to severe burns, miraculously regained consciousness moments before her cremation. 

Bujji Aamma was seriously injured with burns on more than half of her body and needed immediate treatment at MKCG Medical College and Hospital. The burns were caused by a house fire that occurred on February 1. 

Despite the hospital’s efforts, Aamma’s condition deteriorated after her discharge. Her family, constrained by financial difficulties, was unable to seek further medical help. 

On Monday, February 12, Aamma exhibited no vital signs of breathing or opening her eyes, prompting her husband, Sibaram Palo, 54, and their community to arrange for her cremation.

“We thought she was dead and informed others in the locality to arrange a hearse van to carry the body to the cremation ground,” Palo told the Times of India.

While on their way, a 50-year-old woman, K Chiranjibi, who was in the hearse with the woman, said that while they were almost done with making the funeral pyre, Aamma opened her eyes and responded to their words, leaving them in shock.

The hearse driver, Khetrabashi Sahu, recounted the surreal task of transporting Aamma back home, alive.

This incident sheds light on a significant procedural gap: the absence of a mandatory death certificate for performing last rites within the local community, a mishap that facilitated a premature declaration of death. 

Such incidents, while rare, are not isolated and have happened in the U.S. In one incident, an 82-year-old woman on Long Island, New York experienced a similar revival in February 2023 after being declared dead. This case, along with others like it, including a notable incident in Iowa, has sparked investigations and calls for a reassessment of the criteria used in medical and legal death declarations. 

In the aftermath of her unexpected awakening, the current health status of Bujji Aamma and the care she is receiving remain of paramount interest. 

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