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Man Mauled by 2 Dogs After Protecting His Wife

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The elderly man courageously stepped in to shield his wife from the dogs, described as resembling pit bulls, a decision that cost him his life.

Holly Watkins, Mundine’s granddaughter, shared the horrific event stating that the dogs initially targeted her grandmother.

Mundine confronted the dogs in an attempt to protect his wife, resulting in the dogs attacking him instead. The dogs were described as one brown and one black and white.

The elderly man suffered multiple bite injuries on his arms and legs and was critically injured. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) confirmed his death later that day.

This incident has highlighted the ongoing issue of aggressive and stray dogs in the neighborhood.

Mark Lowe, a local resident, stated that he had previously been attacked by the same dogs and had alerted the Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) about the threat they posed. Lowe expressed his frustration, recalling how he had warned the authorities about the dangers these dogs could cause.

In the aftermath of Mundine’s attack, an IMPD officer shot one of the dogs to end the assault. The dog, now under the care of IACS, is receiving medical treatment.

Efforts to find and apprehend the second dog, identified as the black and white one, continue. IMPD has called for community help in identifying the dogs’ owners and has released a photograph of the brown dog involved in the attack.

According to IACS statistics, animal bite incidents in the community have risen from 720 in 2020 to over 1,135 in 2023, indicating a concerning trend.

The Mundine family has voiced their distress and anxiety, underlining the constant threat posed by aggressive dogs in their neighborhood.

IACS has acknowledged the frequent dog attacks in the area, including incidents near school bus stops, suggesting a wider public safety issue. Following the attack on Mundine, the agency has been actively looking for the second dog involved.

The authorities are advising the public to stay alert around stray or aggressive dogs and to immediately contact emergency services if threatened. The IMPD underscores the importance of determining whether the dogs are stray or owned to prevent similar future incidents.

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