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Crash Between Dump Truck and Van: 17 Dead

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A catastrophic collision between a sand and gravel-laden dump truck and a van claimed at least 17 lives in the Southern Philippines on March 25, 2024. The tragic incident, one of the region’s worst recent traffic accidents, occurred on a busy highway in Antipas, North Cotabato, Mindanao.

The Police Chief of Antipas, Captain Godofredo Tupas II, verified that the accident, which happened on a perilous section of the road around midday, also caused injuries to three individuals.

According to Captain Tupas, the 10-wheeler dump truck was descending a hill when it suffered brake failure and subsequently collided with the passenger van.

Speaking to The Associated Press over the phone, Tupas revealed that nearly everyone in the van died in the collision and the ensuing fire. The toll included 17 of the 18 van occupants, along with the driver. The single survivor is currently receiving medical care for injuries.

Efforts to extract the victims from the crash site were undertaken by the army, local police, and community members. Many of the victims suffered severe burns. The driver of the truck has been taken into custody for further investigation and possible legal proceedings.

Witnesses reported that the van burst into flames after the collision, possibly due to the forceful impact, which complicated the rescue and recovery operations.

Captain Tupas underscored that the Philippines has a high frequency of fatal traffic accidents, often worsened by disregard for traffic laws, old vehicle fleets, and hazardous driving conditions. This includes the absence of sufficient safety measures and barriers on roads in mountainous and remote areas.

On February 21, 2024, a similar tragedy occurred when 15 individuals perished in the central Philippines. A truck transporting them to a livestock market on Negros Island plunged into a ravine.

Earlier, in December 2023, another traffic incident resulted in the death of at least 16 individuals and 12 injuries. The accident occurred when a passenger bus failed to negotiate a downhill curve in a mountainous village in the central Philippines and veered off into a steep ravine.

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