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Woman Beats Mother to Death With Pan

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On Monday, March 25, 2024 a 26-year-old Bronx woman allegedly killed her mother using a cooking pot in their apartment in New York City Housing Authority’s President Adams Houses, according to police and family members. The alleged attack occurred around 3:40 a.m.

Skydajah Patterson is said to have made a chilling confession to a 911 operator immediately after the incident, stating, “I just killed my mom.”

Upon arrival, authorities found Selma Mclean, 46, unconscious with significant injuries to her head and face, and she was pronounced dead at the scene. Patterson was discovered in the apartment, allegedly still holding the blood-covered kitchen utensil used in the attack. Although taken into custody, Patterson had not been charged by late afternoon, as confirmed by law enforcement officials.

Patterson, recently discharged from a mental health treatment facility, had been under significant strain following the loss of her baby boy last August, a factor contributing to her deteriorating psychological state, shared Danaeyah Reynolds, the victim’s goddaughter.

The familial tensions had previously escalated to law enforcement’s attention with a documented “domestic incident report” in October 2023, marking a concerning pattern of behavior.

Reynolds detailed previous instances of Patterson’s alarming behavior towards her mother, Mclean, including a notable deterioration in her mental well-being, marked by auditory hallucinations and delusional beliefs about her mother’s intentions. Reynolds told the media that Mclean had been texting her shortly before the murder, saying that she was afraid of her daughter, who had been recently released from a psych ward.

Rosa Medina, a 14-year resident and neighbor, expressed profound sorrow and disbelief over the incident. Medina’s characterization of the family as “very quiet” underlines the often-hidden struggles that can precede such tragic outcomes. “Her other daughter informed me that her sibling murdered their mother using a frying pan,” Medina shared. “It happened just last night. It’s truly heartbreaking; she was a wonderful person.”

This case reflects the broader societal challenge of adequately addressing mental health issues within the community and the criminal justice system, emphasizing the need for comprehensive support and intervention strategies. For those experiencing mental health struggles or know someone who is, seeking help through resources such as the National Mental Health Hotline is recommended.

Mclean leaves behind three daughters.

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