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11 Workers Killed in Factory Explosion

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An explosion at the Mtibwa Sugar Factory in the Morogoro region of Tanzania, East Africa claimed the lives of 11 workers, including three foreign nationals, early Thursday morning, May 23, 2024. An electrical fault caused a steam pipe to burst as the technical team prepared machinery for the day’s production, according to regional police chief Alex Mkama.

Among the deceased were workers from Kenya, Brazil, and India, highlighting the factory’s international workforce. Two other workers were injured and initially treated at Morogoro Hospital before being transferred to Tanzania’s capital city of Dodoma for further medical care

“The explosion happened so suddenly,” said Mkama. “The team was getting ready to start production when the steam pipe burst.”

Mtibwa Sugar Factory, one of Tanzania’s major sugar producers, has an annual output of at least 70,000 metric tons. The factory has suspended all operations while investigations into the cause of the explosion continue. The blast occurred at around 1:30 AM local time, catching the technical team off guard in the control room.

Dr. David Ruchamisa, who oversaw the initial treatment of the injured workers, described their conditions as critical. “They have injuries to the face, chest, abdomen, legs, and hands. Their condition required immediate transfer to a better-equipped facility in Dodoma,” he stated.

The explosion had a significant impact. Nicolaus Ngowi, a Factory Workers’ Association representative, expressed deep sorrow over the incident. “This tragedy deeply saddens the association and the workers. We urge everyone to cooperate during this difficult time and prioritize safety in the workplace,” Ngowi said.

In response, Mtibwa Sugar Factory has declared three days of mourning and pledged to cover all funeral expenses for the deceased. Seif Seif, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Mtibwa Sugar Factory, assured that the company is committed to supporting the victims’ families and preventing future incidents.

“Our hearts go out to the families of those who lost their lives. We will do everything we can to support them during this difficult period,” Seif remarked. “We are taking immediate steps to review and enhance our safety protocols.”

The explosion underscored the critical need for stringent safety measures in industrial operations. The factory’s decision to halt production reflects the seriousness of addressing the incident and its aftermath.

One of the survivors, Juma Palamba, an electrician, narrowly escaped the explosion because he had stepped out of the control room to answer a phone call. “It was a matter of seconds. If I hadn’t left the room, I wouldn’t be here today,” Palamba shared.

The bodies of the deceased have been moved to the mortuary at the factory’s hospital, awaiting further arrangements. The foreign nationals will be transported to Dar es Salaam, with their respective embassies facilitating repatriation.

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