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3 Missing Surfers Found Dead, Executed

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Callum Robinson, Jake Robinson, and Jack Carter Rhoad, three men who embarked on a journey to Baja California, Mexico to surf after attending the Coachella music festival, were reported missing. The trio failed to check into their scheduled Airbnb in Rosarito.

Their remains, bearing gunshot wounds to the head, were later found at the bottom of a 50-foot well in a remote area, by Mexican law enforcement. The three men are believed to have been carjacked and then fatally shot.

A local man, along with his girlfriend and brother, have been apprehended in relation to the crime.

The detained individuals were found with methamphetamine, and one was in possession of a cell phone that reportedly belonged to one of the victims. The victims are thought to have been camping at La Bocana, a surfing destination about 130 miles south of San Diego, California.

According to the evidence collected, the victims attempted to fight back during the robbery, which likely escalated the situation, leading to their deaths. Nearby, authorities found abandoned tents and a burned white pick-up truck, similar to the one the victims were using.

Multiple sources have identified the bodies as Australians Callum Robinson, 33, a former lacrosse player, and his brother Jake, 30, who was about to start a new job in Australia, and American Jack Carter Rhoad, 30.

The investigation is ongoing with local law enforcement working together with international agencies, including the FBI. An additional body, thought to be a missing local rancher, was also retrieved from the well.

The tragic loss of these three men has deeply affected their families and friends, with condolences pouring in from around the world. The incident is being closely watched by the surfing community and officials from the US and Australia, highlighting the potential dangers that can arise while traveling abroad.

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