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Boxer Dies Suddenly During Fight

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Sherif Lawal, a 29-year-old British boxer, died after collapsing in his first professional fight. He was competing against Malam Varela from Portugal at The Harrow Center in London, England, when the incident occurred on Sunday, May 12, 2024. Lawal was immediately taken to Northwick Park Hospital, where he was later declared dead.

He fell to the ground after being hit in the temple during the fourth round of a six-round scheduled fight. Referee Lee Every immediately halted the match once he noticed the severity of Lawal’s condition. Medical teams at the venue promptly administered CPR to revive him.

The incident led to the cancellation of the remaining fights planned for the evening. Witnesses described the atmosphere as a shock, underlining the rarity of such occurrences in boxing despite the sport’s inherent risks.

Following the news of Lawal’s passing, tributes began to pour in. Promoter Costakis Evangelou, who organized the Clash of the Titans event, sympathized with Lawal’s family. He acknowledged the difficult period for the boxing community and mentioned that the Boxing Board would review the incident.

Lawal, who started boxing in 2018, recently announced his move to professional boxing. Before becoming professional, CJ Hussein, the head coach at St Pancras Club, praised Lawal. Hussein described Lawal as exceptionally talented and an inspiration for younger boxers, suggesting his potential for greatness within the middleweight category.

Lawal’s profile on his club’s website revealed his admiration for Sugar Ray Robinson and described the club as resembling an extended family, which underscores the close-knit nature of the boxing community.

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