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Five Fishermen Die After Drinking Mysterious Liquid

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Five fishermen from Sri Lanka suffered fatal consequences after drinking an unknown liquid from bottles they discovered floating in the sea. The tragedy occurred during a multi-day fishing expedition aboard the Devon 5, which set sail from Tangalle Fisheries Harbour on June 4, 2024. The fishermen, under the assumption that the bottles contained alcohol, consumed the liquid and four of them died shortly thereafter.

The episode took place approximately 320 nautical miles (roughly 370 miles) away from the Sri Lankan coast. The remaining fisherman, who was critically ill, was moved to the Singaporean merchant ship MV Kota Camil for immediate medical attention, as reported by navy spokesperson Gayan Wickramasuriya.

Upon learning of the incident, the Sri Lankan Navy sprung into action to rescue the affected fishermen. Navy ship SLNS Vijayabahu was dispatched with a medical team on board to provide support and ensure the safe return of the survivor. “We are coordinating with the Singaporean vessel to transfer the critically ill fisherman to our ship at sea,” Mr. Wickramasuriya stated. The fifth fisherman succumbed on Sunday, June 30.

According to Susantha Kahawatte, Director General of the Sri Lankan Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, the fishermen had shared some of the bottles with other nearby fishing vessels before they became aware of the danger. Authorities are now working to inform these vessels to avert further loss of life.

The Tangalle fishing community reacted to the devastating event with protests, insisting on the immediate return of the surviving fisherman to land. The protestors blocked the main road between Tangalle and Matara in Pallikkudawa, leading to major traffic disruptions.

This unfortunate event underscores the precarious conditions faced by fishermen and the vital importance of exerting caution when confronted with unknown objects at sea. Investigators are currently examining the contents of the bottles to ascertain the precise cause of the poisoning.

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