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Second Hunter Biden Whistleblower Reveals Startling Details

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In a stunning development, a second IRS whistleblower has come forward in the ongoing criminal investigation concerning President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. 

While the investigation has not publicly identified Hunter Biden as the target, congressional sources have confirmed his involvement. The first whistleblower has been raising concerns internally since 2020, and documents show he was passed over for a prestigious task force in retaliation.

The second whistleblower, a special agent in the IRS’s international tax and financial crimes group, worked on the case from its inception in 2018 until it was abruptly removed last week.

Both whistleblowers have expressed internal concerns for years about the case being swept under the rug. The allegations revolve around Hunter Biden’s alleged failure to pay taxes on millions of dollars received from foreign associates.

The supervisor of the IRS investigatory team, who has also raised concerns about handling the investigation, will testify before the House Ways and Means Committee. The whistleblowers’ disclosures shed light on the alleged preferential treatment and false testimony to Congress by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Newly released documents indicate that investigators were excluded from prosecutors’ calls after a contentious meeting in October, where concerns about inaction in the case were raised. This exclusion effectively removed them from the investigation. The second whistleblower wrote an email expressing frustration over being removed for doing what he believed was right.

The IRS commissioner has pledged not to retaliate against legally protected internal disclosures about wrongdoing. However, the whistleblowers’ attorneys argue that the responses from the IRS, including accusations of criminal conduct and warnings to other agents, appear to be an attempt to intimidate anyone who raises similar concerns.

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