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Woman Accused of Killing and Putting Her Newborns in Freezer

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Police have requested an arrest warrant for a woman in her 30s who stands accused of killing two of her newborns and storing their bodies in a freezer.

The Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police in South Korea confirmed that the woman admitted to the killings, stating that her economic difficulties in caring for her other three children, aged 12, 10, and 8, drove her to commit the murders.

According to authorities, the infants were merely a day old when they lost their lives. Authorities claim that her first victim was her fourth girl born in November 2018. She allegedly strangled the girl a day after birth and placed her in the freezer. The woman stands accused of repeating this horrific act with her fifth child, a boy born in November 2019.

The woman’s husband claimed that he had been informed that the two children had been aborted, and that he remained unaware of the alleged murders, as per the police statement.

The case initially came to light in May after an investigation by the government’s Board of Audit and Inspection, which discovered that the births of the babies had not been officially registered, despite hospital records indicating their births. Following this, the municipal government of Suwon City requested a police investigation when the mother refused an on-site inspection.

On June 21, the police executed a search and seizure operation at the woman’s home, leading to her subsequent confession to the murders.

The woman is scheduled to attend an arrest warrant hearing on Friday, June 23.

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