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Unlicensed Fuel Station Explosion Results in Multiple Casualties

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An unlicensed liquified petroleum gas (LPG) plant in Crevedia, near Bucharest, experienced two major explosions on August 26, leading to two fatalities and 56 injuries. 

Among the injured, 39 were first responders. 

LPG, preferred in Eastern Europe for its affordability, has a high risk of ignition. After the first blast caused evacuations and halted local traffic, the subsequent blast created a mushroom cloud and injured more than 24 firefighters. 

The two deceased, a couple, remain unidentified. Multiple victims, including police officers, were critically wounded. 

Romania’s Prime Minister, Marcel Ciolacu, decided to transfer four of the patients to Italian and Belgian medical units. 

Deputy Interior Minister, Raed Arafat, emphasized the plant’s lack of a valid operating license. 

President Klaus Iohannis shared his sympathy on Facebook, stressing the necessity for medical aid and a thorough investigation.

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