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Neil Currey: Celebrated Bodybuilder Passes Away at 34

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Neil Currey, notable in the bodybuilding realm and a former Mr. Olympia participant, died aged 34.  

Milos Sarcev, who once trained Currey, announced the death on Instagram. The unexpected loss of Currey left him deeply affected.  

There were early indications from Sarcev’s Instagram post about a possible suicide being the cause. Yet, recent updates to the post have removed any direct reference to the cause.  

Generation Iron, a well-regarded bodybuilding platform, highlighted Currey’s significant influence on the sport.  

In 2017, Currey made his mark at the World Championships, landing a fifth-place in the pro muscle segment. His exceptional career guided him to many prominent bodybuilding platforms.  

One of his crowning achievements was the gold medal win at the 2022 New York Pro. This accolade granted him a spot at the esteemed 2022 Mr. Olympia contest, a mere six years into his professional career.  

In the 2022 Mr. Olympia event, Currey demonstrated his talent by securing the 16th spot in the Classic Physique segment. The Mr. Olympia competition, known for launching icons like seven-time champion Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a hallmark in the bodybuilding world.  

Reactions from the bodybuilding fraternity conveyed profound respect and sadness for Currey’s passing. RX Muscle, a notable bodybuilding news outlet, acknowledged Currey’s impact on the sport and sent sympathies to his close ones.  

Likewise, Canadian bodybuilder Fouad Abiad praised Currey’s dedication and emphasized the promise he held for the future.

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