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Man in Woods Murders Senior Couple

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In April 2022, a Concord, New Hampshire incident left the community in shock when a retired couple was shot dead near their home. 

The couple, identified as Stephen Reid, 67, and Djeswende ‘Wendy’ Reid, 66, were found dead on the Marsh Loop Trail. The case, which puzzled and saddened many, saw its conclusion when 27-year-old Logan Clegg was convicted of the murders.

Stephen and Wendy Reid, well-known for their humanitarian work, were taking a walk near their home when the incident occurred. Their bodies were later discovered dragged into the woods, hidden beneath leaves, sticks, and debris. This discovery initiated a full-scale investigation to arrest the perpetrator.

Early on in the investigation, police encountered a man who gave the alias “Arthur Kelly.” This man was soon identified as Logan Clegg, a vagrant who had been camping near the Reids’ home for several months. It was his possession of several Mountain Dew cans that led authorities to initially nickname him the “Mountain Dew Man.” As the investigation intensified, Clegg attempted to cover his tracks by setting his campsite alight and making a hurried attempt to flee the state.

Through a combination of diligent detective work and technological resources, authorities were able to track Clegg’s movements. Records of his purchases and phone signals led them to the South Burlington Public Library in Vermont in October 12, 2022, where he was arrested. At the time of his arrest, Clegg was found in possession of a one-way plane ticket to Berlin, Germany, a fake passport, and a firearm in his backpack.

During his trial, the prosecution presented a strong case against Clegg. Key evidence included shell casings and bullets from the crime scene which were consistent with the gun found in Clegg’s possession. 

However, the defense countered, arguing that ballistics testing was inconclusive. They further argued that Clegg’s intention to flee was not due to the murders but was instead related to violations of his probation for prior burglary and theft charges in Utah.

Clegg’s criminal history provides an insightful backdrop to the current case. Before the incident in New Hampshire, he was implicated in various crimes in different states. In Spokane, Washington, he had been involved in a self-defense killing in 2018 but was not prosecuted due to insufficient evidence. Additionally, in Utah, he was arrested in 2020 for shoplifting and once expressed a vehement aversion to incarceration.

The jury, after two days of deliberation, found Logan Clegg guilty on all charges. This verdict brings to a close a chapter of deep anguish for the Reids’ family. The son of the deceased couple expressed his relief and hoped that the memory of his parents’ humanitarian legacy would live on. 

Clegg now awaits his sentence, scheduled for December 15. He is currently being held without bail at the Merrimack County Superior Court in Concord, New Hampshire.

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