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TikTok Star Killed in Santiago, Chile

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On Tuesday morning, October 24, 2023, in Santiago, Chile, a well-known figure, recognized from her presence on TikTok, was executed by an unidentified masked assailant.

Sabrina Durán, a 24-year-old social media influencer widely known as “Ina, the Narco Queen” because of her earlier involvement with drug-related crimes, was the target of a deadly attack while on her way to a nail salon in Padre Hurtado, in Santiago. She was intercepted by three men and shortly after, shot by a gunman. An eyewitness video captured the grim scene, showing Durán attempting to get up from the ground when she was fatally shot. The shooter then used her car to escape the area.

It is yet to be established why this violent act occurred, but preliminary indications suggest that it might have been an act of “settling scores.” Details about who could have possibly wanted Durán dead and why remain unknown. 

Hours after the incident, Durán’s car was found burning in Quilicura, possibly in an effort to erase evidence or as a symbolic gesture. 

Police major Leonel Muñoz informed reporters that the investigation is being widened to find more motives for the shooting. Further details are pending.

Durán had a criminal history that was well-known to the public. She was sentenced to three years in prison for drug trafficking in 2022. During her time in jail, she also made headlines for trying to escape from the prison with other inmates by jumping off the third floor of the facility, although they were quickly caught and returned.

Despite her criminal activities, Durán had a significant social media presence. She had garnered over 467,000 followers on TikTok where she had been promoting beauty products since 2021. The day before her killing, Durán had uploaded a video in which she reviewed products from DCM Cosmetic. Her dual life as an online influencer and a person with a criminal background presented a complex and controversial figure. 

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