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Trump Allegedly Shared Classified Information with Australian Tycoon

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Former President Donald Trump reportedly disclosed potentially sensitive information about the US nuclear submarine program to Anthony Pratt, an Australian businessman, shortly after Trump left office, according to reports

This conversation reportedly took place in April 2021 at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Two people with knowledge of the incident claim that during their conversation, Trump revealed crucial tactical capacities of US submarines. He detailed the number of nuclear warheads these vessels could carry and how close the submarines can get to Russian ones without being detected. 

Pratt, a billionaire and a member of the Mar-a-Lago club, did not keep this information to himself. He is alleged to have shared these sensitive details with numerous people, magnifying concerns about national security. The nature of the shared details is so critical that it could compromise the strategic advantage of the U.S. nuclear fleet.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team, already probing the former president’s handling of classified documents, has delved into these allegations. The investigation’s progression has already led to an interview with Pratt. 

During the investigation, Pratt clarified to officials that Trump did not provide him with any government-related documents during their April conversation or at any time after that. However the details of the investigation suggest that Pratt could join the roster of more than 80 potential witnesses at Trump’s classified documents trial scheduled for May in Fort Pierce, Florida.

It’s important to note that while the revelations are grave, it remains uncertain whether Trump was merely showing off in his conversation with Pratt. 

Joe Hockey, a former Australian ambassador to the U.S., downplayed Trump’s alleged disclosures, suggesting that the shared details might be already known due to collaborative defense endeavors between the two nations.

Yet, Trump’s past actions cast a shadow of concern. Historical instances, such as Trump revealing classified intelligence to Russian officials in an Oval Office meeting in 2017, have stirred controversy. Additionally, he has previously shared sensitive images of Iranian launch sites on X, formerly Twitter. Another indictment also accuses Trump of showcasing a classified plan to attack Iran to visitors at his club in New Jersey.

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