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Tragic Fatal Pit Bull Attack on South Carolina Resident

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On the afternoon of October 31, 2023, a community in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, was left shocked after a 65-year-old man succumbed to a brutal attack by two pit bulls. David Eller, the victim of this tragic event, was merely enjoying a walk within the Pleasant Oak Mobile Home Park when the assault unfolded.

While navigating a space between two homes, Eller was suddenly besieged by the animals. The residents of the park became unwilling witnesses to the ghastly event, with one person recounting the chilling sight of Eller’s body being pulled by the dogs. Such incidents starkly highlight the serious consequences that can arise from pets not properly restrained.

The dogs, owned by a resident of the mobile home park, had escaped from the porch of their home before launching their assault on Eller. Despite the valiant efforts of some neighbors to intervene, the vicious nature of the attack prevented them from rescuing Eller.

Emergency services were swiftly contacted, but despite the rapid response, Eller was pronounced dead at the scene by the first responders.

The Pleasant Oak Mobile Home Park became the center of a significant police presence. The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office sealed off the vicinity, gathering crucial evidence and documenting witness accounts to piece together the details of the calamity.

Authorities have taken the two dogs into custody at the Berkeley County Animal Center. Investigators are delving into the history of the dogs and evaluating if there had been any prior indications of aggression. While the investigation progresses, officials will also decide if charges against the dog owner are warranted.

The exact cause of death will be formally ascertained post-autopsy, but preliminary conclusions suggest that the injuries Eller sustained from the attack were indeed fatal.

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