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What Happened on February 8

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The NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) held its first trading day
The NASDAQ was the first electronic exchange, allowing for the instantaneous transmission of buy and sell orders and the instantaneous execution of trades

The first eight stars were laid on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
The first eight stars included legends like Gene Autry, Burt Lancaster, and Joanne Woodward. The Hollywood Walk of Fame has since become a world-famous attraction, with over 2,600 stars celebrating the achievements of celebrities in the worlds of film, television, music, radio, and theater. Each year, new stars are added to this iconic landmark

The Ministry for State Security (commonly known as the Stasi) was established in East Germany, ushering in a new era of secret police surveillance and repression
The Stasi was responsible for the persecution of dissidents, the maintenance of a network of informants, and the restriction of free speech and movement.

William D. Boyce founded the Boy Scouts of America
The new organization quickly gained popularity, and by 1912, there were over 70,000 Boy Scouts across the United States. The Boy Scouts of America has since become one of the largest youth organizations in the world, with over 2.5 million members in the U.S.

  • 1941 Nick Nolte
    American actor
  • 1932 John Williams
    American pianist, composer, conductor
  • 1931 James Dean
    American actor
  • 1925 Jack Lemmon
    American actor, singer, director
  • 1828 Jules Verne
    French author
  • 2007 Ian Stevenson
    American biochemist
  • 2007 Anna Nicole Smith
    American model, actress
  • 1998 Enoch Powell
    British politician
  • 1957 John von Neumann
    Hungarian/American mathematician
  • 1587 Mary, Queen of Scots
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