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King Charles Appears to Snub His Son, Prince Harry

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Prince Harry touched down in London, England on Tuesday, May 7, 2024 for a church service marking the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. However, his father, King Charles III, refused a meeting citing his “full program,” highlighting the continued strain within the royal family.

“Amid the many inquiries and ongoing speculation about whether the Duke will meet with his father during his time in the UK this week, it, unfortunately, will not be possible due to His Majesty’s full program,” a spokesperson for Prince Harry told the press. They added that Harry respects his father’s busy schedule and anticipates a meeting in the future.

Harry participated in a service at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday to honor ten years of his Invictus Games initiative. Simultaneously, King Charles held the first garden party of the season at Buckingham Palace. Joined by Queen Camilla and other high-ranking royals, Charles entertained guests while Harry was accompanied at the service by his uncle, Charles Spencer, the 9th Earl Spencer. The lack of royal family members at Harry’s event underscored the deepening divide.

A former courtier with close ties to Buckingham Palace suggested the king’s decision was correct: “Reconciliation between father and son is certainly important, but any meeting with Harry would have completely overshadowed Charles’ return to work this week, which his office rightly views as the main story.” They noted that despite his recent cancer diagnosis, Charles was focused on hosting the garden party for over 5,000 guests.

Royal expert Robert Jobson, during an interview with Marca, elaborated on King Charles’ decision to not meet with his son. He mentioned, “People believe that if Harry comes to town, a reconciliation will happen. But there’s been a lot of water under the bridge and a significant betrayal of trust. Rebuilding that takes time, and I don’t think we’re close to that point yet.” Jobson also highlighted the potential for Harry’s presence to overshadow Charles’ return to public duties following his cancer diagnosis.

In his memoir “Spare,” Harry had made damning comments about Queen Camilla, accusing her of “sacrificing” him for positive press and leaving “bodies on the street” to ascend to the throne. These remarks, according to Jobson, complicated the prospect of a meeting between King Charles and Harry. A palace insider said, “The king has made it clear that he wants to be reconciled with his son,” but Harry’s commentary about Queen Camilla had placed King Charles in a difficult position.

Although Harry remains an integral part of the royal family, the ongoing tension with senior members is apparent. Both King Charles and Prince William were noticeably absent from the Invictus Games service despite being invited. Harry’s spokesperson emphasized that Harry recognizes his father’s tight schedule and remains hopeful for a potential reconciliation.

The strained relationship between the king and his son is further underscored by sources claiming Harry’s public announcement about not meeting his father was “childish” and detrimental to their trust. King Charles reportedly found Harry’s public critique of the royal family and Queen Camilla to be “rude, undignified, and childish,” leading to increased caution within the royal family concerning future meetings.

During his visit to London, Harry made several remarks acknowledging the success of the Invictus Games, which he described as “a major part of my growth and learning.” Despite the familial discord, he remains committed to his cause. Meghan Markle, Harry’s wife, joined him for the second part of his trip, where they visited Nigeria as part of their work for the Invictus Games and on behalf of the Nigerian Chief of Defense Staff.

As Harry’s strained relations with the royal family continue, questions about future reconciliation linger. His spokesperson’s carefully worded statement emphasized Harry’s hope to meet his father soon. In the meantime, he will continue to champion the Invictus Games, highlighting the importance of resilience and service to others.

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