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Trump VP Endorsement Has Internet Buzzing

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The 2024 presidential election campaign is heating up, and former President Donald Trump is on a quest for a running mate. The process appears to mimic his old reality TV show, “The Apprentice,” with potential candidates vying for the coveted role. However, this search is not without its controversies, including election denialism and unsettling memoir revelations.

During a recent weekend, Trump gathered potential vice-presidential candidates at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. At an expensive fundraiser for his campaign and the Republican National Committee, he introduced them on stage. Among the individuals seeking to join Trump’s ticket were North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

The search for Trump’s running mate took a peculiar turn with South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. In her upcoming memoir, “No Going Back,” Noem shares a disturbing anecdote about shooting her misbehaving dog and a billy goat she described as “nasty and mean.” This revelation drew bipartisan criticism, to which Noem responded, “Tough decisions like this happen all the time on a farm.”

Additionally, Noem’s memoir contains criticism of fellow Republicans. She alleges that Nikki Haley, former South Carolina governor and GOP presidential candidate, politically “threatened” her. Haley’s spokesperson has since denied these allegations.

There are indications that Noem may no longer be under consideration for Trump’s vice-presidential shortlist, despite her popularity in South Dakota.

Following the fundraiser, several VP prospects echoed Trump’s election denialism. On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Doug Burgum suggested that mainstream media outlets, including CNN, had questioned the 2016 election. Tim Scott, on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” declined to commit to accepting the 2024 election results.

Marco Rubio, a Florida Senator, faced inquiries about the 12th Amendment, which prohibits presidential electors from voting for a president and vice president from the same state. Rubio did not rule out the possibility of relocating from Florida to circumvent this rule.

Ohio Senator J.D. Vance, who once criticized Trump, is now being considered as a possible running mate. His bond with Donald Trump Jr. facilitated an endorsement from the former president during Vance’s state Senate race in Ohio. Now, Vance is seen as a staunch Trump ally.

During a CNN interview, Vance expressed doubt about the danger former Vice President Mike Pence faced during the January 6th Capitol riot. He stated, “I’m extremely skeptical that Mike Pence’s life was ever in danger.”

Trump’s criteria for a running mate center on unwavering loyalty. However, his experience with Mike Pence, who was endangered during the January 6th insurrection, suggests loyalty may come with personal risks.

Trump’s confidantes say he values loyalty, fundraising ability, and defensive skills in a running mate. However, Trump himself has noted that vice-presidential choices have historically had little impact on election outcomes.

With names like Burgum, Scott, Rubio, Vance, and House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik in the mix, Trump’s vice-presidential decision is likely to be announced closer to the Republican National Convention in July.

No matter who Trump selects as his running mate, they will be expected to staunchly support his campaign’s platform and align with his views on election integrity. The process may resemble “The Apprentice,” but one thing is certain: unwavering loyalty will be crucial.

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