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Irish Man Died After Being Attacked by Rooster

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An Irish man who was in remission following his cancer diagnosis passed away as a result of a vicious rooster attacking him in his farm house, according to a recent inquest, the Irish Examiner reported.

After sustaining severe injuries from a bird attack, Jasper Kraus passed away in April of last year.

During a hearing to determine the cause of his death, Detective Garda Eoin Browne stated that Kraus’ tenant in Killahornia, Ireland, had informed him of the occurrence. Although first responders attempted CPR on Kraus, he was declared dead at the scene.

According to Detective Browne, Kraus was found on the ground in a pool of blood with blood pouring from wounds on the back of his leg.

Kraus’ daughter, Virginia Guinan, said she visited the home earlier in the day and saw her father napping. She didn’t want to wake him up because he was still ill and taking medication.

Later that day, her father’s tenant Corey O’Keeffe called the daughter to inform her of the attack. When she got to the house, she discovered her father lying in a pool of blood, The TV was on and a cigarette was still burning. 

She testified before the court that she saw a blood trail heading to the chicken coup and that one of the birds had blood on its beak and claws. She believed the chicken who had killed her father was the same one who had been relocated to the farm after attacking her daughter a few months earlier.

O’Keeffe testified in court that he arrived at his house at 8 am, fed the animals, and then went to bed. He soon noticed Kraus’ wounds after hearing  Kraus calling for him.

Before the emergency responders arrived, he was directed by the operator to do CPR on Kraus for almost 25 minutes.

Dr. Annette Jennings testified in court that paramedics tried to revive Kraus, but he was declared dead at 3:24 p.m.

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